Hosts provide the venues where we hold ScalaBridge London events. Our typical hosts are companies using Scala located in central London. Here we have collected information for potential hosts.

What We Ask For From Hosts

  • We need space for around 30 attendees. Attendence will towards the higher end at the start of a season, so if your space is smaller consider hosting towards the end of a season. As we work in small groups it is not essential that everyone is seated in the same room.
  • Hosts usually, but not always, provide food. A range of options, particularly vegetarian and gluten-free, is appreciated.
  • We need WiFi, power outlets, and somewhere to sit and work. The seating arrangement is not important, but small groups is ideal if possible.
  • We usually run 6-9pm.

What Hosts Receive

Most companies host ScalaBridge because it’s a way of giving back to the Scala community in London. A very direct benefit for hosts is potentially hiring from ScalaBridge attendees. This has already happened in our first season.

At the start of a session the host usually gives a brief (max 10 minutes) overview of the kind of work they do in Scala, and any open positions.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in hosting ScalaBridge drop an email to You may also want to check out the calendar