What is ScalaBridge London?

ScalaBridge London's mission is to improve diversity within the Scala community and within the wider programming community. Delivering our mission builds on four pillars:

  1. Programming: learning programming is the main way we spend our time. We have a curriculum aimed at those with no or little programming experience, but can also help more experienced developers.
  2. Diversity: our efforts emphasize those currently underrepresented within the technology industry. We run in-person sessions in London, and online sessions that are open to anyone around the world.
  3. Community: we are a welcoming and supportive community of practice bringing together all levels of experience, from beginner programmers to industry veterans. Furthermore, ScalaBridge London is a community-run organization. This means our members volunteer to run it, and it's completely free to attend.
  4. Scala: Scala is the programming language we use. This is partly because the ScalaBridge London founders have a background in Scala, partly because there is a strong Scala community in London with a large number of employers, and partly because Scala lets us tackle a wide variety of different problems without having to learn different languages.

Interested? Learn more about what we do and how we do it, or join up.

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