What is ScalaBridge?

ScalaBridge is a world-wide organisation for bringing the Scala programming language to people under-represented in the tech industry. ScalaBridge London is the London chapter of ScalaBridge.

What does ScalaBridge London do?

We run free courses for people from under-represented groups to learn Scala. Our courses cater to all levels, from complete beginners to experienced developers. Our courses are taught by experienced developers (our mentors), using a curriculum developed over a decade of teaching commercial developers and drawing from research on teaching programming. Interested? Learn more for students and for mentors.

Latest from the blog

The Future of ScalaBridge

Lets talk about what we're planning for the next run of ScalaBridge. Some of these plans are more concrete than others. One of the great things about ScalaBridge is we're learning as we do it, and almost everything is subject to change.

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