• ScalaBridge in 2023
    I want to restart ScalaBridge London. Here's the plan.
  • ScalaBridge London Goes Online
    We're moving ScalaBridge London online. Here we describe how that will work and what you need to install to participate.
  • Recapping ScalaBridge Season Two
    A few weeks ago we wrapped up season two of ScalaBridge London. Here I want to reflect on what, in my opinion, were the good and bad parts of this season, and discuss what happens next.
  • Measuring ScalaBridge
    I'd like to measure the effectiveness of ScalaBridge London, but this raises some tricky questions. For example, what does it even mean for ScalaBridge to be effective? I'm not sure. I'm writing this largely as a way to organise my thoughts, and share with others who may be able to help.
  • The Future of ScalaBridge
    Lets talk about what we're planning for the next run of ScalaBridge. Some of these plans are more concrete than others. One of the great things about ScalaBridge is we're learning as we do it, and almost everything is subject to change.
  • ScalaBridge London Season One
    A month or so ago we finished the first "season" of ScalaBridge London. Now is a good time to reflect on what we did and how it worked out.