The calendar lists events we’re planning, and serves as a record of events we’ve run.

Events in Planning

We’re currently planning events for the following dates.

  • Off season dates:
  • On season dates:
    • Sept 9th: Unruly Media
    • Sept 17th: ITV
    • Sept 24th: Expedia
    • Oct 1st: Quantexa
    • Oct 7th: Twitter UK
    • Oct 15th: Medidata

Past Events

The first ever ScalaBridge season ran on the following dates and locations:

  • 21 March: Elsevier
  • 4 April: Equal Experts
  • 18 April: Permutive
  • 2 May: ITV
  • 16 May: Depop
  • 30 May: The Guardian