Mentors help the students learn Scala and represent the Scala community. Mentors need to have some Scala knowledge (but they don’t need to be an expert) and a willingness to help. Being a mentor is a great way to improve at Scala, as teaching others forces you to solidify your own knowledge. If you’re interested in joining ScalaBridge as a mentor please sign up!.

On this page we answer some common questions about ScalaBridge, and link off to other pages that have more indepth discussions.


Our main activity is small group teaching. This means learning Scala in a small group consisting of a few students of roughly the same level and a mentor. If possible we’ll keep the groups together, but this won’t always happen. You job as the mentor is guide the students, give them feedback, but don’t do the work for them! More on how to teach is on the teaching page.


It isn’t necessary for mentors to attend every session. Life (and even holidays) happen. It’s fine.


  • What the students will be learning depends on their current level of knowledge. This is discussed on the curriculum page.
  • We have specific guidance on how we teach on the teaching page.