If you want to learn Scala at ScalaBridge this is the page for you. Anyone who identifies as belonging to a group that is under-represented within technology and agrees to our Code of Conduct can join ScalaBridge as a student. See the page on joining for specific steps you should take to attend events, and the calendar for upcoming events. ScalaBridge is completely free to attend.

What It’s About

You come to ScalaBridge with your own goals. Our job is to help you achieve those goals, so long as they’re broadly in line with what we do. We do have a suggested curriculum but if you want to take a different path that is entirely fine, so long as we have someone who can support you in doing that. Given the range of experience of our mentors you can learn pretty much anything related to Scala. If you’re a complete beginner to programming we can help you. We can also help you if you’re already an advanced Scala user.

We recognise that the community aspects of ScalaBridge are just as important as the technical ones. Our mentors are not only there to help you learn Scala but also to help you find jobs and connect with the wider community, if that is your interest. We hope that friendships with mentors and fellow students will extend outside ScalaBridge and into the rest of your professional life.

Many of you will be looking for a job. Our events are hosted by companies that use Scala, and the majority of them are actively hiring. The mentors will also be happy to make introductions for you to other employers. You don’t have to be looking for a job to join ScalaBridge, though.

What You’ll Need

The main thing you’ll need is a laptop on which we can install Scala and development tools. We’ll help you do this. Our events are held around central London. You’ll need to be able to make your own way to the events.

What We Do

Our main activity is small-group teaching. This means learning Scala in a small group consisting of a few students of roughly the same level as yourself and a mentor, who is an experienced developer. There is more to programming than code, and it is certainly more fun to learn together, so we include time for socialising at each session. We divide our year into seasons which means we alternate between intensive periods of study and more relaxed events.

If It Doesn’t Work Out

We understand what we’re doing won’t be for everyone, and some of you will be keen to attend but life will get in the way. If you want to drop out of an on season that is no problem. Just drop us a note so we can rebalance the groups. We also really appreciate any feedback you can give us that will help improve how we run ScalaBridge.