Our mission is to improve diversity within the Scala community and within the wider programming community.

In practice this means:

  • We run a meetup where we learn to program.
  • We create course material that is freely available so you can learn on your own or run your own meetup.
  • We understand the importance of community in learning and in one’s career, so we create a community connecting programmers of different levels of experience and seniority in a supportive environment that benefits us all.

Who It’s For

ScalaBridge London is community run, meaning it is run by the people it serves. We have an informal management structure. (We’ll formalize it if the need arises.) Anyone can get involved with decision making if they’re interested, but there is no requirement to do so.

Our teaching is aimed at those underrepresented in the programming community. However, we’re not the diversity police. We aren’t going to make rulings on who is and isn’t underrepresented. If you think you belong you probably do.

A Bit of History

We started in 2019 and run until COVID made it impossible to continue, stopping at the end of 2020. Now in 2023 we’re starting up again. This means things are a little bit in flux as we work to organize everything and implement the lessons we learned in our first run.

We intend to run ScalaBridge London as a two-year experiment, to see it’s possible to deliver on our vision in a sustainable way. After two years we’ll make a decision about the long term future.